There are plenty of possibilities in Liberec including the backpack type to four stars hotel. You can check, but we will prepare the suggested list after knowing the preliminary interests of the participants.

  • Recommended for all participants: Pytloun Imperial
    Walking to the conference venue around 20 minutes, city centre about 10 minutes. Public transport available, about 5 minutes travel and 5 minutes walking.
    Special conference prices!
    - Two bed rooms 1000 CZK (approximately 40 Euro) per night per person with breakfast.
    - Single room 1700 CZK per night per person with breakfast.The price is however limited to the booking until October 2018. The payment is at hotel before leaving the room. We have booked 100 rooms. 

  • Hotel Liberec - prices around 700 CZK (28 Euro) per night per person.

  • Luxury accommodation: Clarion (Gold lion), prices around 2500 CZK (100 Euro) per night

All guests will book the hotel by themselves, using provided password, that guarantee the special room price. The password will be provided later.

Pleases make your preferences until April 2018! Booking until 1. November 2018! More information Helena Lánská: Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript.

IBA Conference - 16 to 22 June, 2019, Liberec